Our first date


I would like to preface this with a little background about me.  I have never been one to date regularly or become overly attached to my romantic relationships.  After ending the most serious relationship I had been in I took 1.5 years off from dating and relationships all together, I needed to get my head back on and evaluate my goals.  I was also traveling regularly for work so I was never in one place for very long.  After determining that dating could be fun again I started trying to connect with people.  My friends are scattered all over and all seemed to be enjoying coupledom and I was trying to meet new people so I turned to the web for the first time in my life to meet new people.

After about a week or two of looking I ran across a posting that definitely did not seem like they were looking for a hookup or a bootie call, seemed pretty real but not overly focused on getting in a long term relationship.  Sounded pretty good to me so I e-mailed her.  For just over a week we e-mailed back and forth, it seemed like things were going pretty well so we scheduled a lunch date on Super Bowl Sunday 2009…

She was running a little late, which I later learned was completely abnormal (she broke me of my late tendencies)… when we finally met I was relieved that she didn’t look like an alien life form.  We had a nice lunch and a beer and then went outside to enjoy 70 degree weather in February, after a couple of hours we parted so she could attend a Super Bowl Party and so I could study.

First Sighting

Image via Downtown Joe’s

I left that date feeling a little excited and feeling like it had been a surreal interaction. We seemed to have so much in common and yet there was enough mystery to keep the intrigue going.


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