Ring a ding dings


Once we had decided on our intentions (marriage even if it’s not yet legal) we started hunting around to find rings we liked.  At first we were looking for different rings, Sweetie Scone isn’t so much a girly girl and I like a little sparkle on my hand.  I have always loved that my parents have matching unique bands, after some discussion we decided to try and find a happy medium…

I really liked these from etsy.com I loved that you could wear them in different ways.

First Interest

Image via Etsy/By Kate Szabone

We both really liked these bands from etsy.com.  If we can figure out a way to have that done on our rings we would be enamored with the jeweler!

We both liked... but wanted a little more

Image via Etsy/ by Brent & Jessica Williams of fabuluster

And then we found these lovelies from Mark Schneider.  We both instantly loved them and wanted them… until we realized that the price point was a little out of reach.

Image via Mark Schneider Designs/Ring is the Escape

We then hunted high and low for something similar and we kept coming up empty until we found…

Our Rings!

Our Rings!

Image via Shane Co./ Ring Set

How did you find your rings?


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