To know…


So I told you a smidge about our first date and I was never really into dating, but I didn’t tell you about knowing she was the one.  We fit together instantly like puzzle pieces which was incredibly scary and exhilarating at the same time.  After 2 months of dating we bought plane tickets 5 months out to visit Sweetie Scone’s family.  After knowing her for 2 months I committed to a relationship of 7 months, good bad or indifferent.  7 MONTHS!  That was huge, just putting it out there.




Personal Image

Personal Image

This act alone was absolutely out of character for me, I am the girl that hadn’t held a relationship past 4 months.  I actively pushed people away when things started getting too real.  In buying those plane tickets I knew that she had made it into my heart, she had a grasp on me that I couldn’t shake.

After that moment I let her in more and more.  Shortly after that we started talking about marriage unofficially…

I knew then after 2 months that she was my match because I was willing to risk my comfort zone by traveling to another time zone.

Image via Mapquest


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