Our friends invited us along for a last minute trip to Yosemite, I had never been even though I grew up in Northern California.  It was sacrilegious that I had never been and a low cost get away with friends sounded like music to our ears.  We loaded up the car and bolted Friday after work. Hiking was on the agenda for Saturday.   Six of us got up and ready to roll in the morning.  We decided Vernal Falls was the best route to take.  Now I don’t know about you, when I imagine hiking I envision being one with nature not feeling like I am at an amusement park.  The drive into Yosemite took my breath away, the first part of the hike was a refreshing way to stretch our legs.  As we got closer to Vernal Falls and approached the stairs it felt like we were at Disneyland.

Image via Bill Edwards Photography/ Photo by Bill Edwards

Doesn’t that look peaceful and beautiful?  Well word to the wise, on a Saturday in August it is a bit more like this:

Image via This Day in Disney History

AND the super special part, there aren’t really barriers between you and that beautiful waterfall which coats the stairs in a slick layer of spray. We cautiously climbed the stairs until about here

Image via the Epic Life Tour/ Photo by Michelle & Adam

We decided the slick stairs and crowd mentality was a bit beyond our comfort zone so we turned around.  Sweetie Scone pulled me off to the side on a little ledge and pulled out a very special box… Sweetie Scone had been packing around a beautiful wood ring box since long before we knew each other, saving it for just the right person.  Exactly 6 months after our first date she asked me to marry her.

Here is where I explain the unengagement… I had not met her parents, she strongly felt that they would love me (we were hopping on a plane a couple of weeks later to see them), and neither of us had asked for blessings to get married.  The other small detail is that we did not have rings at the time and financially we were not in the place we wanted to be. We had promised ourselves to each other and were planning our future together but we had goals…

1) no credit card debt

2) asking our respective parents for blessings

3) those beautiful ring a ding dings…

So we kept it on the DL… any other unengaged folks out there?


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