The long engagement


Did I mention we met in February 2009, got unengaged in August 2009, officially engaged in April 2010 and chose to wait until July 2012 to get hitched?  Unengagement to wedding = 35 months, Official engagement to wedding = 27 months…

Just a bit of a heads up we willingly made that decision.  I started a full-time grad program in September 2009, while working full-time, we had no desire to make life hard and plan the whole shindig while I was getting edumacated.

There was the heart wrenching Prop 8 passage that happened months before we met, but there is still hope.  Prop 8 has been in legal limbo land and is moving (albeit at snail’s pace) toward the US Supreme Court where it might be repealed and set precedence to change marriage laws nationwide.  We were hopeful that this case would be decided on before July 2012.  We are getting a skosh less hopeful that things will change before we get hitched… but we have some back up plans that I will talk about later.

To add more points to the long engagement camp, Sweetie Scone’s sister met her wonderful husband in 2009 also!  It was a great year for love in the family (there will be pictures!)  We knew her sister would not have a long engagement and wanted to be fully present for their wedding.  We also didn’t want to place any added pressure on family to travel multiple times in a short time.

Hind sight is 20/20 and I guess our planning was spot on.  We have had many fantastic twists and turns during our engagement and we are so happy that we waited for a 2012 wedding!



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