As we dove head first into wedding planning we started looking for inspiration and we got caught up.  We couldn’t really pin down a theme or a color scheme (it’s rhyme time).  Instead of getting bogged down in the ideas that we were “supposed” to do we decided to talk about the feeling we wanted our wedding to have.

It had to be fun, full of warmth and joy.  It needed to be about our family, we both come from tight knit families and we really wanted people to feel like they were being cared for.  We wanted our wedding to feel like one big family was joining together, because well it is.  It absopositively had to be kid friendly (they make up at least 25% of the guest list and at the rate of reproduction among our family and friends that percentage could climb before the wedding;), and really it should reflect our love… Oooh and we wanted color!

Sounds like a jumbled up mess when I write it out.

Image via Dina Wakely Ponderings/ by Dina Wakely

But when we boiled all of that down we ended up with ideas like “young at heart” and “forever young”.  That seemed much more themelike to us but was really based off of feelings.

This brings some of it together…

I may or may not make up words on the fly, much more fun that way…


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