Picking dates is never easy…


When we first were unengaged we had all the time in the world, cue maniacal laughter.

We knew once we had moved into the officially engaged stage (pre-reqs and rings checked off) that people would want to know when this party would kick off, so we started talking dates. Here are all of the factors running through our heads:

* Sweetie Scone’s sister was head over heels in love and had marriage on the horizon sometime in 2010/2011.

* My cousin was getting married in May 2010.

* We absolutely did not want people to feel financially stressed with weddings too close together.

* Prop. 8 had started it’s way to the US Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals was hearing arguments and it was clear that one way or another this could seriously impact our legal standing.  We wanted to give the repeal ample time to make it’s way to the highest court in the land.

* I was in grad school and was slated to graduate in Spring 2011.

* We had no idea if we would still be living in California or if we would move to Oregon for work opportunities.

* Sweetie Scone’s work is very seasonal June, July, August, September and October tend to be pretty busy

All of these factors led us to a long engagement… We were initially planning on May 2012 for a hot minute.


Image via The Daily Cookie/by Benefit Cosmetics

A couple weeks after pinning down Memorial Day Weekend in 2012 I was contacted by my College Class Board and asked to co-chair my 10 year college reunion in Massachusetts the weekend before our tentative wedding date… Reunion is a weekend long event, alums come in from all over the world to catch up, here’s a little window into reunion:

Image via Class of 2002

Image via Class of 2002

Having 2 large weekend long events in a row, across the country from each other wasn’t really feasible.  Sweetie Scone and I had many conversations about what it would mean for us and…

In the end we decided to push the wedding back to July 2012 and go full force for the Summer of Events 2012, Reunion in May and our Wedding in July.

Did I bite off more than I can chew?


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