Kissing Cousins… not that kind


Shortly after our engagement was made official one of my cousins got hitched!  She is seriously a huge sweetheart and I love her dearly.

As kids we played together any chance we got and we loved spending a week or so together at our aunt’s house.  Life happened and we didn’t get to see each other much during our teenage years and grew apart a bit, but a few years ago when her dad passed away we really reconnected.  She had a run of not so great boyfriends which she mostly kept away from her rough and tumble uncles… and after several years of dating she introduced the love of her life to the family, OMG he fit like a glove with everyone.  Fast forward a year and I was over the moon happy for her when they got engaged and even more excited when she asked me to be a bridesmaid.

That’s me strutting my stuff…

Are they not a gorgeous couple?  Seriously.

Their wedding was an absolute blast and it was just beautiful.  I got to experience being a bridesmaid with wedding goggles, which brought up so many questions for us, did we want our bridal party to be in the same attire?  Did we want bridal showers and all of the polish or did we want it to be low key for our bridal party?

It was also the first wedding we attended with wedding goggles… we noticed a lot of details and it really helped cement things that we wanted and needed to really nail the “feelspiration”.


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