You know that question… so how did they ask you?  Tell me how it happened…

That question is kind of complicated for me because while she officially asked me way back in August 2009 we both agreed we had goals we wanted to achieve before making it official.  After spilling the beans a bit here, I will break it down a smidge more…

On a lovely hike in Yosemite, Sweetie Scone pulled me to the side of the path overlooking Vernal Falls and gave me a beautiful box (that our wedding bands will reside in until our wedding).  We had already been talking about our pre-reqs and our plans to get married and build a life together, but that day really set things in motion and we firmly created the pre-reqs.

Pre-reqs were done, we moved out of the cracker box into a cute stand alone cottage and after waiting for more than a month the rings were ready… We headed to Walnut Creek to pick those babies up on our way to SFO.

Personal Picture In the lobby of the jewelry store a split second after picking up the rings…

We hopped in the car and headed West to pick up the lady of the hour, Sweetie Scone’s mom 🙂  On the way we texted and called our nearest and dearest because it was OFFICIAL!

But the perplexing part for me is this… we had mutually agreed that we intended to get married before the day at Vernal Falls, we had pre-reqs to complete before ordering the rings… We picked up the rings, ta da!  In my eyes we weren’t officially engaged until the ring was on my finger (well, really until the rings were on our fingers) which was 8 months after the “proposal”.  That seems less romantic tale than she popped the question, I said “YES” and now we are engaged…  We are a pretty pragmatic couple, yes there is romance but our engagement was pretty practical and to me our engagement perfectly reflects that but it sure isn’t easy to explain.


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