Beer with a view


After spending our flight back to SFO making pro and con lists for each venue and talking about the possibility of going with the first caterer we met with we had some decisions….

Our reception would include good beer and a great view of Kansas City!  Check out these pictures:

Image via Erica May/ Photo by Erica May/Event Kate & Justin’s Wedding

Image via Boulevard Brewery

Image via Boulevard Brewery


Image via Solar Photographers/Photo by Solar Photographers/Event: Jaqueline & Travis Wedding

Image via Ryan Brown Blog/Photo by Ryan Brown/Event: Jenna & Jake Wedding

Image via Erica May/ Photo by Erica May/Event Kate & Justin’s Wedding

Awesome right?????  So many of our friends and family are excited because it is an awesome space, they have gotten to attend events at Boulevard and they said it is always a good time.

The bonus…

Renting the venue includes:

* use of tables and chairs

* free flowing beer and 2 cases of wine

* non-alcoholic drinks are included

* bar tenders are provided by the brewing company

* a grooms cake that is a 6 pack of beer made out of sugar…

* custom pint glasses for our guests

* they give access to AV equipment

AND if that weren’t enough… the venue is a zero landfill venue, caterers have to work within their landfill guidelines… Caterers also get a full commercial kitchen to work in… Too many pros to pass up!

We also decided to go with the first caterer that we talked with when we checked out another Venue… easy peasy… done and done… this was 2 years out, holy heck batman!


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