Multi-tasking: planning for 2


Sisters that is… (forewarning this post is pic heavy)

Sweetie Scone’s family goes on Canoe Trip just about every July in the Ozarks, and we were able to head East to join in on the fun.  The whole family was going to be there including my FSIL.  She was still head over heals in love, she and her boyfriend were starting to plan for their Kansas City Wedding (pre-engagement) while they were in town so we decided to do a little multi-tasking and we checked out venues together with my FFIL.

Now to get the proper idea of what the weekend entailed, there was some drinking on the river, some playing on the river, some more drinking on the river, a quick trip to a beautiful national park, did I say drinking on the river?  Oh yeah, floating in inner tubes and playing in canoes…We also had a couple hours driving down and back.  Wanna see?

Those coolers are full of beer, and note the beer coozie around my neck… have to protect precious cargo on the water

Getting cheesed at the Osceola Cheese Factory

A little tuckered at Big Springs National Park

And then my FSIL had a little surprise…

How cute is that proposal????????????

(All pictures are personal)

Sooooo, when we got back to KC we were officially 2 engaged couples on the hunt for venues… Spoiler alert, we both found venues!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had 1 partial day before we had to catch a plane west so we hit 4 venues in a whirlwind.  Started off with the Hobbs Building, which also houses a catering company, then headed to Boulevard Brewing Company, stopped by the Berg Event Space, and ended at 2000 Grand

Here are some photos from our touring whirlwind:

Hobbs Outdoor Space

Personal Photo/Hobbs Outdoor Space

Hobbs Indoor Reception Area

Personal Photo - Hobbs Indoor Reception Area

Boulevard Reception Area

Personal Photo - Boulevard Reception AreaPersonal Photo - Boulevard Terrace

Personal Photo - Berg Event Space - that wall on the right is magnetic!!!!

Personal Photo - Berg Outdoor Space

Personal Photo – 2000 Grand Event Space

Personal Photo - 2000 Grand Bar Area

We really liked all of the event spaces so we had to do pros and cons for the venue spaces (but we knew we had found one in the mix), and we had a great conversation with the catering company housed in the Hobbs Building!  Score, 2 vendors down and we were 2 years out!  My FSIL & FBIL fell for 2000 Grand.

We wrapped up the whirlwind trip with a tasty lunch and a beer at the Cashew and headed for the airport…


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