Eh, what’s up DOC?


Anyone else miss Saturday Morning Cartoons?

I love planning and organizing events, but I am usually at my best behind the scenes.  When I have to be in the scene I may, or may not, have a tendency towards a frenzied state (that I would like to avoid experiencing during our wedding weekend), so we decided that we should look into a day of coordinator.  I searched and searched, many of the DOC’s in the Kansas City Area get pretty decent coin for their hard work (well earned), more coin that we had budgeted for a DOC.  So I started looking into a few newer people to the industry, and one day while I was reading Good Earth Floral’s website I stumbled upon “I Do Savvy” and Jen Meyers.  In my research there were a couple of seriously glowing reviews from other vendors and from couples that really peaked my interest.  So I sent her a pretty detailed e-mail.  We talked on my (cough cough) “lunch hour”, that turned into 2 hours…

Jen had recently relocated from California and is very open to marriage equality, she was a giant ray of sunshine that jumped through the phone at me.  She was willing to do our wedding for a price within our budget.  She and Ashley go together like peas in a pod.  We jumped at the opportunity to sign a contract with her back in October 2010…

Fast forward to April 2011, guess who else was “found” by David Tutera?  That’s right our DOC…

Would you like to see Jen in action?

Jen in Action…


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