The first tri-fecta: Work, School, and Love


When we started dating I was working full-time, had just signed up for a few brush up classes prior to applying for MBA programs, and I was studying for the GMAT Test.  It was a fun time, let me tell you.  We were seeing each other almost every day of the week, I was traveling for work, studying, and falling in love.  Sleep was not in my future.

I have always known that I wouldn’t do well having to give up my personal aspirations for a relationship, it has ended a relationship or two in the past.  So I was very clear with Sweetie Scone that I would be entering a night-time master’s program the following fall while continuing to work…Sweetie Scone being the rockstar said she wanted to hang in there with me.

A mere 7 months into our relationship I started going to school full-time at night on top of my full-time work schedule.  School was also an hour commute each way from home (that was fun)… So Sweetie Scone and I didn’t see each other nearly as much as we did in the beginning.  Not going to lie, it was hard emotionally.  By the time I got home I was exhausted, Sweetie Scone was lonely, and I just plain didn’t have as much time or energy to put into our relationship.  And to top that off I really strongly didn’t enjoy my work situation (like I got a master’s degree so I could work my way out of it…), the unhappy workplace typically meant that I complained a lot when I got home… no bueno.

By the time school started we were fully in love, we were planning our future together, and working towards our pre-reqs.  After the first quarter of school, I knew I had to change my attitude and put energy into our relationship.

Thankfully, Sweetie Scone is a wonderful person and we really worked on keeping our relationship in a good place.


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