My body in motion…


This is about my relationship with my body and my struggle with weight.

Weight has been an issue my entire life (seriously, I was an 11 lb, 2.5 oz newborn).  There were a couple of years when I was an average sized child and then I started packing on pounds by the time I was 5.  In the 2nd grade I was 80+ pounds, by 5th grade I weighed 145 pounds.  At the beginning of my sophomore year of high school I was over 215 pounds and was getting close to wearing a size 18.  Then I went on a back packing trip one weekend and I lost 15 pounds in 2 days, my body in motion could make a difference.

I started actively trying to lose weight I was walking everyday, sometimes twice a day, eating healthier, and generally focused on me a bit.  I lost 40ish pounds in a year.  I started working, and then I got sick.  I walked with a cane, I had a hard time dressing myself and going to the bathroom alone.  It was ugly and I was terrified of putting the weight back on.  Doctor’s had me on all kinds of medicine, one of the side effects was a seriously reduced appetite.  After a year of terrible pain and no clue as to what was really going on with my body it started slowly getting better.  Throughout this time I had physical therapy multiple times a week which helped to build my muscles.  As soon as I had the ability I started hitting the gym and soon had dropped another 30 pounds bringing me back to my 10 year old weight of 145.  I was actually a healthy weight and for the first time was starting to have a good body image.  I set my eyes on joining a Crew Team when I got to college so all summer long I trained and trained.

I achieved my goal of joining the Crew Team, we were working out 4 hours a day 6 days a week.  The calculations said I should be eating 4,000+ calories per day… I knew my metabolism and it was still slow, but my team members didn’t and they would watch every item I put in my mouth.  My first year I gained the freshman 15.  My sophomore year the mystery pain was back and I had to work on getting healthy again so I stopped rowing.  I put on a total of 35 pounds in college.

This pattern has repeated itself many more times since college… When JR and I first started dating I was training for a 10K and I was running and hitting the gym regularly.  I was back at a fighting weight of 146, it felt great.  And then I let it go because I had too much on my plate with work and school.  The weight came back…

I am now getting my body back in motion, I am training for a half marathon and working towards getting back to my fighting weight.  I want to maintain a healthy body and FEEL GOOD in my own skin.


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