Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays

Ah how I love the holidays!  It is definitely one of those things that can become a point of contention in a relationship though, who’s family do you spend it with?  Do you even spend it with family?  Does it matter?

For us it matters. Thanksgiving in my family is a time when everyone that can joins around the table and shares some good food, a little tension, and some time at the beach.  I am big on tradition and this tradition makes me feel connected to my family and the many blessings in my life.  The memories that go with it are awesome, like the year my aunt paid me a quarter to throw a dinner roll at my other aunt’s butt, or the first year my uncle couldn’t come and my mom had to make the gravy which ended up in tears because it was lumpy. Christmas in my family is a much more intimate gathering of my immediate family.

JR’s family used to rotate Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve celebrations between her parents and her dad’s siblings houses.  Since her parents moved south that has changed a little.  But the tradition and connection to tradition remains. JR’s aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and parents gather together on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to break bread, have a drink and laugh.

So we decided that Thanksgiving would be spent with my family and Christmas would be with her family, the following year vice versa.

Well that first year something awesome happened… JR’s parents joined my family in Northern California for Thanksgiving, here’s a little proof

Turkey Day Beach Adventures

That day was infinitely warmer than this year’s trip to the beach.

Everyone loved each other and we got to have the best of both worlds.  Last year was a little funky because of school and trying to be frugal… but this year we are back on the horse.  Thanksgiving was in Northern California and Christmas in Phoenix with JR’s fam.  We get to almost have the best of both worlds, my parents are flying down the day after Christmas to have some fun in the sun and we cannot wait!

Shaping traditions is an important part of our relationship and in the relationship we build with our families.  So far it has worked out famously and we only hope to continue building memories with our families through holiday traditions.

Hoping you and yours are having a wonderful holiday season!!!!!!!!!!



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