3rd times a charm… the last planning trip


Going into Fall 2011 we still had a few things on the list that needed to be handled: catering, cake, videographer, ceremony location, music and engagement pictures… So we sent the scruffy pup to stay with grandma and grandpa for a week and we headed East for a whirlwind trip of meetings, meetings and more meetings.

We started the trip off with cake, because that is exactly what you need when you step into a new timezone.  JR has had Margie’s cake in the past (she is the mother in law of a college friend), her memory was she had excellent cake… boy oh boy was that memory spot on.  The trip was looking up.  Sunday was mostly about getting beautified and photographed, we threw a videographer and the DJ in for good measure (well it was at a sports bar and there was a good game on…so what if we like to multi-task the guys we met with appreciated it too 😉

Monday we were all over the place (literally every appointment was spread out), we met with 2 videographers, walked through our venue again, had our first tasty catering bites, and tasted some more cake.

By Tuesday we were wiped out but we pushed on, we checked out a Welcome Dinner venue, and forced ourselves to make it through 2 tastings… and in a flash we were heading back to California.  Here is sneak peak of our actual schedule (because I make crazy things like that).

5:30 PM    meet Margie  (Cake)
Sunday 12:00 PM   hair appointments at Beauty Brands Salon Spa Superstore
Lexi & Hillary
1:00 PM backroom make up at Mac
320 Nichols Rd
2:00 PM   backroom make up at Mac
3:15-3:30 pm tentative meeting w/Matt Hawley (Hawleywood Videos)
4:00 PM meet DC (DJ)
5:00 PM meet Aaron (photog)
Monday 9:00 AM Andy Liebsch (videographer)
11:00 AM   Olive Catering
1 ish? Boulevard – check out Boulevard w/Jen
3:00 PM   Alea Lovely
4:00 PM   Megan w/Cake Girl
Tuesday 9:00 AM Shawn w/Metropolitan Historic Property Management (welcome dinner space option)
11:30 AM   Jesse w/Delish!
1:30 PM    Scrape the Plate w/ Scott

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