Top Chef…


With the first caterer out of the picture we went back to the drawing board and located 3 caterers that were highly recommended and seemed to have food styles in line with ours… On a quick trip to Kansas City we lined up meetings with each of them.

First up was Olive Events Catering.  Their kitchen is out in the country facing a private pond and is feels really welcoming.  We met with Marisa and Nicole.  Marisa is the owner and Nicole is the Event Coordinator.

Let me tell you these two ladies were FANTASTIC, we were welcomed with a fully dressed table and flights of tasty bites prepared right in front of us.  After we had tasted the nummy nummy bites, Marisa and Nicole sat down with us to brainstorm.  Seriously to brainstorm, there was no printed menu to select from, there was pen and paper.  Marisa and Nicole are both very creative and came up with some fantastic ideas that definitely matched our style and the palates of our guests.

Here are some picks of the tasty bits (we got kind of distracted after that)

Personal Image/Food by Olive Events Catering

Personal Image/Food by Olive Events Catering

Personal Photo/Sweetie Scone bites in (and is pretty darned happy!)

The meat on a stick was pretty fantastic, Sweetie Scone loved the tasty olives waiting for us at the table.  We positively loved that Marisa and Nicole just took notes and created a menu off of that, no boring bland overdone menu here.  Another bonus, not only were they catering our ever fantastic DOC’s wedding but they were also the venue for her wedding.  Quality and creativity were not issues with Olive Events Catering.  We knew when we left there that they were strong contenders. While we were the first same-sex couple that they would have catered for they were very open to the idea and asked totally appropriate questions.

Next up was Delish, they have solid reviews and the pictures of their food looked pretty tasty.  They had just moved kitchen spaces so it was a little hard to find them.  We showed up and there were a couple of nicely dressed tables waiting for us.  One of their event coordinators sat down with us.  And then things started getting wonky.  The two women we met with (one event coordinator and one sales person) seemed pretty awkward, not sure if that is how they normally are or not but it sure felt like it was because we were two women.  Seemed like they didn’t read my open communication about being lesbians because they asked where the groom was…

From the table you could easily see into the kitchen and we watched one of their chefs prepare food, he looked like a guy we would much rather be talking to simply because we like to work with the creative people not the paper pushers.  The food was ok, there were a couple of things that tasted good, nothing earth shattering.  And then things started falling apart.  The sales person wanted to talk about what menu we would want to go with, she was working off a pre-made list and she “suggested” the most popular items.  Just a reminder, we did not want fish or seafood of any kind on our menu (the whole being heck of far away from the ocean and fresh fish thing).  Two of the tasty bites (and their most “popular” items) were seafood related, shrimp cocktail and a crabcake (made from snowcrab)… there are three glaring issues here, 1) I don’t eat shrimp, it’s a textural thing, 2) Snow Crab is not something I eat, I grew up getting fresh Dungeness Crab live off the boat and frozen or canned Snow Crab just doesn’t do the job for me, 3) both of these items fall under the seafood category which we explicitly stated we were not interested in and listening is an important sales skill

The sales person believed we were misguided and told us that they were two of the most popular appetizers and so we needed them on our menu.  Red flag number 2 went up (first one was the whole where is the man?)… They did not seem open to any different options, in general their menu didn’t seem to match our wedding very well.  We left that meeting knowing that they were officially not a contender. (Disclaimer: I am sure they do a decent job and are great for many people but it was clear that they were not a good fit for us)

Then it was off to Scrape the Plate Catering to meet with Scott the owner.  Picture this, a smaller commercial kitchen with a long stainless steel table, stools and nicely appointed place settings.  Scott poured us a glass of wine, had water set out and let us know he was just finishing up our meal.  HE REALLY PREPARED A FULL MEAL FOR OUR TASTING IN FRONT OF OUR VERY EYES.  Did I just yell that in excitement?  Now being that he was literally our last appointment of the trip and we went directly to the airport from his kitchen I failed to take pictures.  Scott prepared perfectly cooked asparagus, a triple mashed potato and delicious chicken (lemon something… what I already had a glass of wine? 🙂

After he served us he sat down with his iPad and started making notes.  Again no printed menu, gaaaah we loved that.  Additional helpful information, Scrape the Plate is a gay owned business Scott absolutely had no issue with our lesbionic tendencies… in fact he was excited for the opportunity to work with his first same sex wedding.

We left Kansas City with two serious catering options, Olive Events Catering and Scrape the Plate.  On our trip home we debated the merits of both companies: they were both open and excited to work with us, both were creative, one was woman owned and ran, the other was gay owned and ran, we got to meet with the owners of both businesses and we honestly enjoyed every minute with them… dang it was an honest to goodness tie…


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