The second tri-fecta: graduation, moving, and work


We seem to like doing things in threes… The second tri-fecta happened in June 2011 which was aided by our wonderful fantabulous parents and a lot of time and energy.

Due to budget cuts in the State of California I ended up having to take one singular class in Spring 2011, putting my graduation weekend in late June.  In May we put in our 4th of 5th offer on a house (not a foreclosure or a short sale we got soooo lucky).  As soon as we learned that our final offer was accepted I called my then boss… she said “I need to talk to you too” (bom bom bom) It was then that I learned I would be “getting laid off” sometime during Summer/Fall 2011, which was pushed up to Late June-Mid July.

Let’s just say May/June 2011 were not easy months.  I found a job thankfully, the closing went smoothly and somehow with minimal effort I finished my last class to earn my MBA.  So in the span of 1 week, we got the keys to the house, started cleaning and painting the new digs, I graduated but didn’t walk (because I was knee deep in washing and priming walls), and I started a new job… We were both a bit pummeled by June 2011, it was the perfect storm.

Here is a little of our work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now there aren’t pictures of me madly tearing out the carpet and staples just as the movers were bringing the big furniture in the house… let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and by the end of “move in day” I had a serious hole in my shorts and I was a bit cranky…  Did I mention the previous owners were heavy smokers?  That was fun 😉

In the end the second tri-fecta was well worth the sacrifice of sleep and sanity…


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