I’ll have my cake and eat it too!


We were in a bit of a travel haze when we walked into Margie’s house, apologies because I didn’t bring my camera… So let me paint a picture.

The door opened and the house smelled like freshly baked cakes.  After escorting us to her dining room table, she and Sweetie Scone chit-chatted a bit about Margie’s daughter in law (a college friend).  There was an unassuming white cake box on the table and a couple of photo albums.  Prior to our meeting Margie had asked what kind of cake we liked from her list, the list didn’t include my favorite (butter yellow cake mmmmmmm).  We asked if she was able to do butter yellow and she said she would work on it.  Now let me tell you, the fresh baked cake smell was butter yellow cake, I knew in an instant the smell (word to the wise, I bake by smell no timers are used in my baking so I know a smell or two about cakes).

The unassuming white box opened and we found 6 very large cupcakes (pupcakes if you are my niece).  2 red velvet, 2 butter yellow,  and 2 chocolate large and in charge pupcakes.  We cut them in quarters (because they were no small thang) and tasted the different options.  She nailed the butter yellow cake, which was from scratch.  The cakes were all light and moist.  We then tossed them in the trunk of the car where they rested for 36 hours or so until we got to a friends house.  Around 10 pm the next day we busted out the cupcakes that had been sitting in an abnormally warm trunk and they were as good as they were fresh out of Margie’s oven.  Strangers that did not know her said they were great.  There was only 1 thing I wasn’t super excited about, the frosting was flavored with amaretto, I prefer vanilla which she was totally open to doing.  Frosting question… Is flavoring completely regional?  What flavoring do you like for your frosting?

With one cake tasting down we went to our meeting with the second one, due to a scheduling error she wasn’t available but several day old cupcakes of hers were available to taste.  Twist my arm we tasted them… For good measure, she works closely with our DOC and florist so we trusted that she wasn’t a flake, just had an honest to goodness scheduling issue.

Let’s get back to the important stuff, the frosting was awesome, not going to lie.  The cake was kind of dry.  We had a taste helper, our friend that tasted the abused day and a half old pupcakes the day before.  All three of us agreed the frosting was awesome but the cake from Margie won the battle.  And I am a cake person, not a frosting person.  Decision made!

Would you like to know the best part?????  Margie is one of the least expensive cake bakers (save Hy-vee) in the Kansas City Area.  Mmmmlicious!  I can’t wait!


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