STD Inspiration


We have been talking about our July 2012 wedding for oh about 21 months now, and somehow our parents still wanted to confirm the date we are getting hitched…  So we figured we might should send out STD’s (Does anyone else feel like they are in 10th grade health class when discussing STD’s?).  Which brings us to the whole “what do we want it to look like?” question.  Initially we had hoped to use our engagement pictures for the STD, when our July 2011 planning trip was pushed to October 2011, thanks to the working/living changes, we had to come up with an alternate plan.

For a quick peek into how we make many decisions it goes something like this:

1) I obsessively research and find things that I like and that I think Sweetie Scone might like

2) After collecting several dozen options I share them with Sweetie Scone

3) We pare the list down to 3-5

4) Then we try to make something that doesn’t look like a kindergartner made it 😉

5) The best one wins

Here is the pared down list of STD options for your enjoyment:

Image via WeddingWire/by For Wedding Sake 

Image via Etsy/by Em & Bee

Image via Minted/by Minted

Image via GigPosters/Bands: Mates of State and Viva Voce


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