A square


Circle Square she says… Sweetie Scone is pretty opinionated about the shape of the cake… It needs to be a square circle square kind of like these guys

Image via The Knot

Image via The Knot/Photo by Carrie Patterson Photography/Wedding: Lia & Mark

Image via Style Me Pretty

Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Jamee Photography/Wedding: Anna & Sam

Only without the circle top.  There are a few things that Sweetie Scone really really cares about and this is one of them.  I don’t really care as long as our cake is simple and tasty… so we are having a square circle square cake.

Now here is the scoop, I like the simplicity of the top one, the width/circumference of the bottom one, and maybe a slightly taller layer than the bottom ones show to get a similar proportion to the top cake…

I ended up getting a wild hair because this isn’t necessarily our baker’s specialty style, so I am going to do a mock up soon.  Styrofoam, frosting, maybe even the Lego peeps and fresh flowers.  I hope it turns out well and that it will give us the ability to give specifics to Margie.  We likely won’t see Margie again until the wedding day, and even then we might not see her.  This is me trying to manage my type A so I am not worried at the wedding.  Are you playing with shapes for your cake?


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