Dressin’ Up


Guess we should chat about attire… In case you are wondering I am wearing a dress and Sweetie Scone is going for a pants suit.  Let’s talk about my dress inspiration…

My mom used to make custom wedding dresses and she made/designed a dress for one of my sisters.

Here is a sample of her work:

(personal photo – my beautiful sister in her wedding garb)

(personal photo – one of my mom’s 80’s dress designs)

We kicked off wedding planning with the idea that she would be making my duds.  So I started to check out inspiration.  These were a few of my absolute favorites!

Basically I was looking for an A-line dress with straps made out of silk, cotton or linen for breathability in the Midwestern Summer.  I am not a petite little butterfly and my girls don’t do strapless well (I become a cranky monster).  So with that info we tracked down bridal salons that might have these beauties to try them on and make sure the styles looked good on my body…


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