Suiting Up


Back in the spring Groupon ran a deal for Astor & Black, in the Kansas City Area.  With the groupon you received a custom suit and 3 custom shirts.  Astor & Black primarily makes men’s suits, but they do have women’s suiting.  We figured that Sweetie Scone could get fitted on trips back to Kansas City no big whoop.

Well did Astor & Black have a surprise for us, they would honor the deal anywhere in the US and there was someone in San Francisco that could measure and fit Sweetie Scone for her suit!!!!!

I have been excluded from all suiting adventures because we are doing a first look at the wedding, so I don’t have pics… but I know that her suit coordinates really well with my dress fabric and they ended up doing something special so Sweetie Scone ended up getting only 1 custom shirt which I have seen.

Here is an inspiration pic for Sweetie Scone’s suit

Image via Telva/Suit by Paul & Joe

And for good measure here are a couple of pictures of Astor & Black women’s suits.

Image via Astor & Black/Suit by Astor & Black

Image via Astor & Black/Suite by Astor & Black

Sweetie Scone has already been to both of her fitting appointments with Astor & Black, her suit just arrived in a fantastic box (and I don’t get to see it for almost 6 more months!).  There is a small hiccup that may mean additional fittings, we will have to cross that bridge later… Sweetie Scone lost a fair amount of weight so Astor & Black has already had to take it in, but there is a possibility that Sweetie Scone might change sizes a bit more.  In any event I am so very excited to see how hot she is in her custom digs!


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