Lazy Saturday’s…


They’re good for building Lego people and doing mock ups of one’s weddin’ cake…

Ok, well maybe not for everyone but this last Saturday that was our plan o’ action.  Remember how Sweetie Scone surprised me with a cake topper?  Here’s a picture of the evidence:

(personal image – and yes they really customize the box!)

If you have the urge to customize your own cake topper (or any other Lego project), you will want to go directly to their website, and select the DesignByMe section.  From there you can set your imagination free, place your order and wait for a little box of fun.

So, initially I was thinking we would crack open a beer and put together our peeps together, Sweetie Scone is a Speedy Gonzales and while I was wrangling with floral foam she made two people in 15 minutes (give or take)…  Our projecting was much faster than I had anticipated.

The mockup of our wedding cake was done sans frosting (apparently wanting to make it look exactly like a cake was a bit too much)… but it illustrates the shape and gave us a chance to play with a couple of design ideas.

My camera for some reason didn’t want to take a clear picture but here’s the best of what it gave me

(personal image)

(personal image – inspired by this cake)

For good measure here are some closeups of our Lego replicas

(personal image)

(personal image)

The funny thing is that we kind of look like we are boxing so we might add some real flowers in to soften the blow 😉

Now that the cake mockup is handled we have some extra floral foam, would you like to know what we are doing with it?


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