I can’t wait


Recently, on a whim, we met up with some of Sweetie Scone’s friends from college (Go Gorillas!!!)  Both friends are straight women with children, one of the first things said is “I can’t wait for Same Sex Marriage to become legal, my kids will never know a time when it was illegal and it will sound as absurd to them as the idea of white’s only sounds to us.”  The statement brought a little tear to my eye… but the conversation also got me thinking about waiting and what we can’t wait for.

It’s true, racism still exists and I hate that this ugly thing still is perpetuated in society, at the same time I remember growing up thinking it was totally crazy pants that my parents grew up in a time when their multi-racial sports teams were not allowed to compete in certain parts of the state and when interracial marriage was illegal in most places.  In the same token it feels crazy to me that marriage equality is taking so long to get to the US Supreme Court.  But I also have faith that my nieces and nephews won’t really remember this time when we had to fight to get married.

I can’t wait to be married to my fiancee and not need to worry about bringing legal documents with us for interstate travel.  I can’t wait have the same tax protections that my sisters and parents have.  I can’t wait for a day when LGBTQ kids would rather dream about making a life with someone instead of hiding who they are, or worse how they are going to kill themselves.  I can’t wait for a day when the non-birth parent in a same-sex couple no longer has to adopt their child (even if it is their’s biologically).  I can’t wait… I am forever hopeful that my children will not understand why people voted on this issue. So I really really just can’t wait…

Disclosure: I understand that not everyone is a fan of Marriage Equality due to religious convictions or simply because they don’t believe it in, I promise I won’t try to get married in your houses of worship and I fully support and respect your religious freedoms and personal opinions, it doesn’t mean that I agree with them.


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