Up for a good challenge…


In an effort to provide full disclosure, when I talked about my struggles with weight I mentioned starting to train for a half marathon (my first!), well that was over a month ago.  I failed to do any form of training from December 12th – January 13th, true story.

So I am back on the horse and with 16 weeks to train I am going couch to half marathon… with a plan.  The first two weeks I am rebuilding my aerobic capacities by varying a couple of different shorter routes and just getting out there.  I am hoping to alternate my focus, one run I will focus on increasing the distance and the next run I will focus on improving the time.  Mixing runs in with cross training and stretching will hopefully provide enough variety for my muscles and for my short attention span.  After the first couple of weeks I will follow a more traditional Half Marathon Training Schedule.

Image via We Know Awesome

Is this renewed drive to run inspired by the wedding?  Yes and no… It’s inspired by my 10 year college reunion, the wedding, wanting to get back to pre-college/pre-master’s fitness levels, and it’s a fun thing to do with 2 friends.  I am always up for a good challenge, when a friend from jr. high/high school said she was going to do it I said “me too me too!”.  And then I didn’t run for a couple of months 😦 … then another friend from college said she was registered to run the same half marathon it was just the fire I needed to recommit.  So here I am recommitting to run 13.1 miles on Sunday, May 6th.  There will be blisters, sore muscles, laughs, and pictures when the adventure is wrapped up.

Every week I will post my successes and my failures towards reaching this goal…

This last week I ran 1.3 miles Monday…


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