Details for Daddios…


Family is pretty important to us, our dads are no exception… We want to include some details that pay homage to them…

Sweetie Scone’s Daddio was in paper sales, paper is what he lived and breathed for many a year.  My dad’s post retirement career (post law enforcement) was videography.  He used to shoot weddings, commercials, videos, etc…  Weddings happen to have some crossover details with what our dads put themselves into and we wanted to make sure that we incorporate the crossover.

So we started trying to figure out how to bring the details into the fold.  My dad initially wanted to shoot our wedding, which wasn’t an option.  I want to dance with my dad, enjoy dinner with him, and have him just enjoy our wedding without working.  That meant finding a great videographer was high on the list of details.

Who doesn’t love beautiful videos?

Filmed by Mike Varel/Edited by Alea Lovely/Alea & Piotr’s Wedding

For the paper details, we knew that we were 100% going with paper invitations but we wanted a little more so I started looking for inspiration and I found these:

Image via Green Wedding Shoes/Photo by Annie McElwain/Melissa & Torrey’s Wedding

Image via Green Wedding Shoes/Photo by Ashley Rose/Lauren & Jeff’s Wedding

Image via Green Wedding Shoes/Photo by Annie McElwain/Melissa & Torrey’s Wedding

Image via 100 Layer Cake/Photo by Ali DeGraff/Brittany & Paul’s Wedding

Image via 100 Layer Cake/Photo by Ali DeGraff/Brittany & Paul’s Wedding

Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

With all of those great paper decor options I have my heart set on some whimsical paper flowers… So a video and paper flowers it is!  I have once again paired 2 positively unrelated things together (metal and foam anyone?). Are you incorporating specific details to represent your dad?


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