Get a little, give a little


After a couple of meetings with vendors I started noticing something.  We were meeting with them to find out if we wanted to have them work with us on our wedding, something incredibly special and intimate.  We wanted their creative, organizational, masterful abilities and we wanted a good deal.  But then in person something funny happened, and only with the people who were serious contenders.

That funny little thing was sharing.  When we really liked a vendor I shared information with them, not about us but information that might be helpful to them in their work.  Seriously, I never went into a meeting thinking “if I like them I will tell them xyz”… but in the meeting I could tell something good was going on and like diarrhea of the mouth I would start sharing.  Sharing a new venue I stumbled on with our coordinator, information about blogs that I thought were good fits for them that they hadn’t heard of, inviting them to pinterest, telling caterers about the wonders of Cypress Grove Chevre (seriously shared that with 3 caterers) mmmlicious, or ideas about using the awesomeness of a full metal elevator (you will hear more about that later).

That sharing opened the line of communication even more and so far that sharing and openness has come back 10 fold.  Our florist and DOC send me links to inspiration they run across that makes them think of us.  We will likely have dinner with the caterer we didn’t go with in April because we made a connection, we opened up and shared ideas.  We are getting so much from these talented people and I am learning so much about myself (what triggers the share impulse).  Are any of you finding that you just can’t stop yourself from sharing information with vendors?


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