Lovely Video


Videography was a must have for us, I talked a little bit about it earlier but wanted to delve into videos whole heartedly…

During my dad’s stint in videography and media I was his second shooter for many of the weddings.  I may or may not have some opinions about wedding videos and what I find to be beautiful, my dad certainly does as well (making no bones about that one).  Over 2 years ago when we started planning I went right to the web to find some beautiful options.

In the process of searching for vendors I kept coming across one vendor, she was a photographer but then I realized she was also a videographer!  Her work definitely caught my attention, so of course I started trying to find out as much about her as possible… What I found out was that she was most likely out of our budget… big sad face.  So I kept looking but never stopped following her work.  I tracked down some viable options within our budget… And then she started showing up on the blogs I read, which only made me want to work with her more.

AND THEN I was talking with our DOC about videography, she unknowingly mentioned the videographer I had been enamored with for well over a year (at that time)…  She thought that we should talk with the lady behind the camera and so we did…

Here is a word to the wise: talk with people, break it down and be honest with them about what you are looking for, what you need, and what you truly can afford (it is also helpful to work with a DOC that knows other vendors well, including their work and pricing)…

We didn’t want to count our chickens before they hatched so on our last planning trip we scheduled 3 appointments with videographers.  One gentleman couldn’t look us in the eyes and appeared to be uncomfortable chatting with us in a bar (he has a solid portfolio but the awkward interaction couldn’t be ignored).  The next was with a very nice gentleman with solid work and good references, it just seemed businessy and well our wedding isn’t all business…And then we met with the ever lovely Alea, from Alea Lovely.  Seriously meeting with Alea in person we new right away (well I new and then got weepy, and Sweetie Scone knew it was decided all while we were still meeting with Alea)…  Anyone out there get weepy talking with vendors?

She was our videographer match at we are soooo very excited that we get the opportunity to work with her, she meets the basic requirements (plays well with others, we could easily grab a drink with her and have an awesome time, and she is pretty spectacular at what she does, excited to work with us, and was able to work with our budget…)

Here is a sneak peak of her work:

Image via Ruffled/Photo by Alea Lovely/Dress by Alea Lovely

Video by Alea Lovely/Janean & Vince’s Wedding

Video by Alea Lovely/Ashlea & Cliff’s Wedding

Video by Alea Lovely/Heather & Jared’s Wedding


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