Not sure if you have caught the drift… this is a kid friendly wedding.  Our family and friends are prolific, we adore children, we are asking people to travel from all over to celebrate with us, and kids make for AWESOME SAUCE shots on the dance floor.  When I am weepy during the wedding I am going to guess that one of those kids will do something to make me smile or at least make it so I am not sobbing with a serious ugly cry face…

And with these mugs in mind:

(all photos are personal)

We are doing a few things to keep this shindig kid friendly.  There is a kids menu that will be served to the kidlets.  Best part is that parents do not have to wait in line to prepare food for hungry kids before they can think about enjoying some of their own, servers will bring plates out to the little ones (if they want to try some of the regular menu they can dive in too ;).  There is a corner of the venue just off of the main space that has a mounted TV/DVD Player.  We are bringing in a futon (my nephew without fail crashes about an hour before the wedding ends), pack and play, some pillows, throw blankets, kids movies, and some kid/venue friendly activities (not painting).  We are going to hire a capable baby sitter to give parents a little piece of mind.  Kids will get an activity bag and the programs will have an activity too (just in case the adults feel left out).  Did we forget anything?

There are a few other ideas we are working on to keep the youngsters happy that I will chat about later.  Are you inviting kidlets to party?


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