Sweetie Scone is firmly from Kansas City, most of her family is still in the area.  On my first trip to meet Sweetie Scone’s Parents we were speeding down the freeway and I saw MY LAST NAME on an exit.  My last name is not really common, this is not something that happens everyday.  I knew that my family had passed through KC on the trip West but I never really gave much thought to it.  Passing that sign started the wheels turning in my head…

I talked a little about our decision to have the wedding in Kansas City here, but didn’t spend much time talking about the our roots.

Want to know something ironic?  The backside of our venue is on the street with my family name.  Our engagement pictures were taken in “Scone Park” (well not really but my last name + park ;)… We have a few surprises that incorporate the park, and the ceremony is just down the street…

My dad is really into genealogy.  Most of my family cares about the history but they would never have the opportunity to check out our Midwestern Roots, thanks to our “wisdom” to have the wedding in the heart land they have a new opportunity 😀  My dad is taking full advantage of the opportunity, while we are finalizing wedding details he will be researching the family tree.

Sweetie Scone’s family made elevators a few generations back, a few are still operational in the area… I seriously can’t help but feel like somewhere in the past our families crossed paths.  Another irony, our caterer’s office/kitchen is in the area that has many of the elevators… The fact that our reception venue and ceremony site are near locations with the last name plastered on them were pure happenstance, but I am not going to lie it definitely made me feel like it was meant to be.

I am sentimental to a fault, having our wedding somewhere with roots was incredibly important.  Having wedding pics with landmarks only sweetens the pot for me.  Anyone else get to incorporate landmarks or family history into the wedding?


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