A new 4 legged love


For Christmas Sweetie Scone gave me a kitty (a stuffed one) to represent the life sized bundle of joy we would add to our mini family.  I am a cat and dog person, we always had one of each growing up, and I have been pining for a little kitty to add into the mix…  We didn’t get a kitten right away because it wasn’t really the season (and while we are full proponents of adopting an older animal we wanted a kitty that could grow up loving a pup).  So a few weeks later a friend found a sweet little thing in her garage and we got to pick her up on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is not usually something we celebrate much, our dating anniversary is right before so we celebrate that… But I guess now it can be the day we celebrate adopting our sweet/sassy little kitten!

Would you like to meet Fiona?

 (Personal Photo)

 (Personal Photo)

 (Personal Photo)

 (Personal Photo)

She has plenty of spunk to fit in and make us laugh everyday.  She and our fluffy boy (Darby) are still figuring out how to play together, but they have periodic rounds of house tag.  And then they both fall into nap time which is grrrrreat 😀

By far the best Valentine’s/Christmas gift ever!!!!!!!!!  We love having another 4 legged member of the family!


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