I have emotions, they come out


I get weepy, most of the time I don’t go into full blown crying… It is a strange phenomena.  I start thinking about something that I am passionate about, I care about, upsets me, makes me happy, you name it… then when I am talking my voice waivers a little and then

Image via Dave Glass Productions

The weepies arrive, and instead of being an island of happy (even when I am down right giddy) I am a bit more like:

Image via Dragon Art

Image via Mass Live/AP Photo/Anthony Weiner

I.am.a.weeper.  This was not always the case, and I remember the very first time it happened but I don’t think things will be changing in the next few months… I regularly cry happy tears at weddings, for random people on tv, at commercials…

I am seriously afraid of the weepies turning into ugly cry face.  I have tried journaling, having a good long cry before events, practicing (because practice makes perfect right?), distraction, so far no dice.  I mentioned that there will be kids at the wedding and hopefully they might distract me…

Oh and bonus, my mom does the exact same thing, honestly my whole family has the potential for the weepies… are we destined to have red eyed pictures?

Does anyone have any additional ideas?


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