Inspiration isn’t dead, it lives on in Pinterest


Oh Pinterest how I love thee!  Yes, this is an open love letter to Pinterest and my continuing search for inspiration because a girl can never have enough right?

Remember our first draft?  I will let a little secret out of the bag, it sucks when you found an image 12 months ago and now you want to research it more (or need to photo credit it…) and all of a sudden you can’t find it to save your life…

Pinterest to the rescue!!!!  If you aren’t familiar with the wonders of pinterest here is the scoop.  Essentially it is an online storage board for any online resource (images, youtube clips, recipes, lists, quotes, workouts, articles, anything your heart desires that is on the web).  You can create files to organize your pins.  You can search through what other people are pinning, you can follow pinners, you can share what you are pinning, or you can just like something so you can track it down again (though not as easy to organize)…  And the best part, if it has been pinned properly then you only need to click on the image and it will take you back to the original post/website.

Seriously, I have gone back through our original inspiration points to save them/pin them in Pinterest.  I might continuously search blogs for new inspiration on a daily basis, pinning that inspiration has led to some of my best finds.  It also means I no longer have to cross my fingers and toes in hopes that I can find something again.

Here is a sneak peak into the Pinterest Inspired Projects coming your way via the Scones:

Image via Weddingbee/Mr. Parasol’s Creation!

Image via On a Bicycle Built for Two/Photo by Unusually Fine/Jay & Jenny’s Wedding

Image via Say Yes to Hoboken/by way of Green Wedding Shoes/Photo by Studio Castillero

Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Anushe Low/Marsha & Tom’s Wedding

Image via Curbly/photo by Camilla Fabbri

These projects will be customized a bit and might feel different in the end, but they were certainly inspired by pinned images!  If you would like an invitation to Pinterest PM me (or post on the boards, people seem to be happy to share the wonders of Pinterest)…

Are there any other Pinterest aficionados out there?  What are your favorite ways to use the tool?

(PS – that is pretty much the only place I go to for new recipes anymore…)


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