Hunting for a location


We don’t really need anywhere to actually have the ceremony right?  For more than a year we had a reception venue but not a ceremony site… A perplexing issue.  Here is a story of our adventure…

We were on a hunt for an outdoor ceremony location that is relatively easy for elderly people to access, close to our reception venue, and true to my sentimental ways had some meaning…

When we drove up to Boulevard we noticed a great grassy knoll behind their facility, we figured it would be a great solution (added bonus it faced “my last name” street).  We asked and pleaded a little but it is not an area available to use, rent, or otherwise get hitched on… I was bummed.

So we moved onto the parks:

* Roanoke Park: It would need some work but definitely a contender.  The community center could serve as the rain plan…

Personal Photo of Roanoke Park

 * Simpson House: My future sister in law had her rehearsal dinner here and we loved the space.  The outdoor space could definitely work, but in the event of rain the inside wouldn’t work out so swell, we had a hard time justifying the higher cost for the outside space alone…

* Harris Kearney House: We considered contacting the Westport Historical Society to use the outdoor space at the Harris Kearney House, the porches are pretty awesome, they have a circular brick patio (ceremony in the round anyone?)… but it didn’t feel quite right

Image via Westport Historical Society 

* Alexander Majors House: We considered it for a hot minute but realized how much time it would add on for transportation so we nixed it…

 * Loose Park: We were coming to the conclusion that Loose Park might be a solid option.  Until we saw the only 2 wedding locations within the park.  They are great for many people, but we were wanting something out in the grass under trees.  Somewhere we could have a ceremony at least in the half-round (if not fully in the round)… A spot kind of like this:

Photo by Sarah Dickerson/Stephanie & Adam’s Wedding

Heads up KC peeps, the city does not let you rent out any grass area within Loose Park.  If you want to have a wedding you can have it in the Rose Garden or by the Pond.

We left Loose Park at a total loss, with not much time left to nail down a spot in person we seriously thought about having the ceremony at our venue, which would work but was not ideal…

We still had to track down somewhere to take engagement pictures (more on that soon) so we headed to “my last name” Park to see if we could take pics there and for good measure to see if it would work for the ceremony.

* “my last name” Park: has a great playground, but the grassy area would take a lot of work to prettify (the grass slopes down to the baseball diamond)… and it is a pretty steep slope down (although it doesn’t look like it in this pic).  So it was a no go…

Personal Photo of “my last name” Park

We drove down the street and I saw something on the side of the road near the Tony Aguirre Center…

Personal Image

Personal Image

Aerial View via Mapquest

We found our ceremony site driving down the road!  It is the Westside Pequeno Miramide.  This space is part of the Riverfront Heritage Trail (heritage = sentimental to a fault for me, oh and it is just down the street from “my last name” Park).  There is a little pyramid big enough for us to stand on with our celebrant, amphitheater seating for about half of our guests (we will bring in additional seating), it is really close to the sidewalk for elderly guests, there is ample parking should the need arise, it is less than a mile from our venue, and we can have our ceremony almost in the round 😀

It took a little work convincing Kansas City Parks that it was indeed on their property, that we would need a permit, and to pay them money.  After that was sorted we filled out the paperwork and mailed in the money!  We have somewhere to get hitched!!!!

How was your ceremony site search?


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