One foot, two foot


Green foot, purple foot!

A good year and a half ago I was browsing through a blog and I saw something that I couldn’t resist…seriously I just about lost my shiz…

Image via Ruffled Blog/Photo by Brent Van Auken/ Baily & Alexandria’s Wedding

I knew in an instant THOSE WOULD BE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, within hours I had shared them with everyone that was anyone (including the girls in the office), everyone agreed.  They had to be mine… With much determination I hunted through,,,… and I was starting to lose hope, there was maybe a pair or left out there but they were in much much smaller sizes.  So I turned to my last resort, Amazon of course.  Lo and behold I got the absolute last pair that had any chance of fitting (a 9.5) and I hoped and prayed that I would get lucky.  They were supposed to arrive the week of Thanksgiving so I had them sent to my parents house.

Darby was spending some “quality” time with Grandma and Grandpa.  I wasn’t surprised to see a pic of my fluffy boy, but I could not help but laugh at this gem as I was dashing between work and school…

(photo thanks to Daddio Scone)

(the shoes are Poetic Licence Spring Blooms in Basil, discontinued in 2010)

I was not the first to try on my shoes and I had to wait a couple of days to follow in my pup’s foot steps… I am happy to report that the shoe in fact fit like a glove!!!!!!!!!!!  Best part, my beauties were less than $40 buckaroos because they were on clearance, music to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I am not the only bride stepping out would you like to see Sweetie Scone’s inspiration?

Purple happens to be Sweetie Scone’s favorite color so I was on the lookout for some inspiration…  One day as I was browsing through Weddingbee I found THE.BEST.INSPIRATION!!!!  Normally, when I show Sweetie Scone something on a blog she says “mmmhmmm”, she does not pay attention.  But when I showed her Mrs. Cheeseburger’s post she was enamored!

Image via Weddingbee/Photo by Jessica Ames/ Mrs. Cheeseburger

It was thanks to Mrs. Cheeseburger that I learned about Christian Louboutin (I claim no mastery of fashion)… I researched and researched but I could not find these beauties (or a replica) anywhere… If we had found an original Christian Louboutin shoe it would not have been in the budget.  After admitting defeat we shifted gears and looked for something similar.  Without further ado I would like to introduce you to Sweetie Scone’s Shoes:

 Image via Endless, A. Marinelli Women’s Elaborate Open-Toe Pump 

Neither of us anticipated finding our shoe inspiration through blogs and I positively did not expect to get my shoe inspiration!  How did you find your shoes?  Any lucky finds?  Does your dog try on shoes too?


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