Good ol’ reality


Sunday night Sweetie Scone and I were chatting over dinner about our timeline and the wedding projects that needed to get done…

I was feeling like we had ample time to leisurely finish off our DIY projects leaving us with only a few details to wrap up when we got in town for the wedding… Ummmm, I had a come to Jesus moment.  Sweetie Scone very nicely reminded me that we needed to get on it like it was our job because we are approaching the 4 month mark and soon after that the 100 day mark.  Those two markers might make me pee my pants.

Currently we have:

  • half finished hangy things (super technical term)
  • half finished seating cards (the last step will be done in Kansas City)
  • poster boards that need painting
  • invitations that need to be designed and mailed in the next few weeks!!!!!!!! (secretly freaking out on this one)
  • a backdrop that needs to be made
  • a dry run on the paper flowers we are going to construct in KC
  • making the bases for the paper flowers
  • putting together our out of town bags
  • wrapping up kids entertainment fun
  • designing and assembling our programs
  • and rounding a whole bunch more corners
  • decide how to guest book and then pull it together

Would you like to see some of the progress?

(personal photo – a bolt of muslin all ready to be ripped up)

(personal photo – purple strips for the hangy downies)

(personal photo – corners corners everywhere!)

(personal photo – look I even had a helper)

(personal photo – rounded pocket folders ready for invitations)

I will of course give you a blow by blow of the particular projects when they are wrapped up 😉  We will be trying to wrap up 2 projects per week to get back on track.  This week: invitations and hangy downies are in order!

What half finished projects are weighing on your mind?


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