Ideas are everywhere


We find inspiration in the most random places.  One of the best ones happened at our FAVORITE breakfast place (did I yell that?).  The Fremont Diner.  Seriously on nice days we bring the pup and we wait anxiously for an outdoor table (on cold days we bundle up and happily waltz over to an outdoor table) and some mmmmlicious grub (breakfast or lunch only)… If you are in the Napa/Sonoma area pull over when you see this sign, you won’t be disappointed…

Image via Yelp/photo added by Jana S.

Ok, but this isn’t really about our favorite place for breakfast, this is about water jugs… yup you read that right…

Here is the self serve water station at the Fremont Diner:

Image via Yelp/photo added by Justine L.

The first few times we went, someone else was responsible for grabbing waters, and then and drank.the.water.  I pretty much ran back to the table saying omg omg omg we need some of those!  The water comes out of this antique cooler perfectly cold and refreshing.  Sweetie Scone rolled her eyes (nicely of course) and said something to the effect of “there’s no stopping you”.  She knew there was no going back.

Our ceremony is an outdoor afternoon ceremony on a Midwestern July day… refreshment will be high on the priority of our guests (and probably for us too).  Containers that gladly hold cold refreshments, happily dispense said refreshments at the push of a button, take you back to yesteryear, and are cute cannot be refused.

I promptly went home and searched eBay and Etsy for antique, metal, water coolers/jugs.  I started seeing prices that made me a little sad, $70-$100 plus shipping… but there were also several eBay auctions so I added those jugs to the watchlist and I watched and watched.  In a matter of days I snagged 3 fantastic metal water coolers for under $90 buck-a-roos all together!!!!!!!

They are currently hiding in the rafters waiting for a solid scrub down and then their grand appearance at the ceremony!  These jugs make me smile.

Oh, and secretly I am hoping that someone holds a wedding or freaking awesome party at the Fremont Diner… seriously, they aren’t open for dinner it would be the perfect outdoor party (aaaaah, maybe by my 40th birthday it will happen 😉 )

Have you stumbled on any inspiration?  Did you drink.the.water?  Anyone else love a good breakfast place, mmmmm?


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