Engagement Pics Revealed


On a beautiful Fall Sunday, we kicked off the day with getting our hair, makeup, and nails done.  We headed off to have a few beers, meet some vendors, and find somewhere to take pictures…

And then we did a whirlwind picture taking session:

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Let me get real, our photographer took great photos of us… but when we received the pictures I cried.  It wasn’t my proudest moment but I was fighting with a sewing machine (that I still haven’t fixed) and the pictures reminded me of a couple of things.  I wasn’t very happy with my body and I really didn’t (don’t) want to have the same body image issues at our wedding. The girl that did my hair had absolutely no idea how to work with fine hair which made some of the photos look like I was a grease ball (and she charged me an extra $30 because the only way she knew how to give volume to hair without curls, lucky me I still got to pull my own hair up in a bar bathroom to save another $20 for putting A/one/singular bobby pin in my hair)…

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

* best of the bad hair, me there on the left (the only one of the bad hair pictures that will hit the internets)

Sweetie Scone is very good at helping me calm down.  In the end I realized that a) I did/do like the pictures, b) the girl would never touch my hair again, and c) she loves me just as I am…

Photo by BlueRue Studio/The Scones

Did anyone else have an odd reaction to their engagement photos?  Did you cry?  Did you love them in the end anyway?


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