Hairy Situations


This is a story about my hair…

As long as I can remember I have had relatively greasy hair.  My parents raised me with the “squeaky clean” philosophy and I have to admit when my hair wasn’t squeaky it didn’t look so fresh and so clean.  The head of hair I was given is fine but there is a fair amount of it (supposedly a lot of it because stylists always seem a little shocked at the quantity after they give it a once over).  It is not the fastest growing hair on earth, but it has always been healthy as a horse.  Oooh, I have been shampooing my hair daily since I was at least 6.

For the last 3 years I have been growing my hairs out because I, 100%, want it up for the wedding.  It can’t hold many styles for extended periods of time so I knew immediately that it would be headed up up up…  It has successfully grown grown grown (bringing along my first gray hair with it…)

Up until I was 28 ish I didn’t condition, EVER, never saw the need, my stylists always said my hair was like virgin hair and I could easily go 6 months without trimming my hair.  And then a switch was flipped and my hair needed conditioning everyday.  It would still get uber greasy if it wasn’t washed daily bit it had to have the moisture too… A few years before that I noticed something else, an elephant in the room, flaky scalp/dandruff/yuck…

Now I have tried just about everything that is available over the counter for the scalp, never really had any luck.  I was always envious of my sisters and friends that could not wash their hair daily but still have it be totally rocking.  Gah, I have dreamt of the day I could gladly skip washing my hair…

So 2 months ago I decided to try and reduce the number of shampoos, alternating every other day.  Didn’t really notice anything except an oil slick North of my ears on non-wash days…

Then a week or so ago I ran across something I have never heard of… Going to no poo all together.

Now I grew up in the land of hippies (seriously, if you grow up between Eugene and Humboldt County it just comes with the territory). Growing up in that environment it is second nature to consider more natural body/hair care options, so I am definitely open.  But I just had never heard of this method.

Some people seem to jump right to not washing your hair for as long as you can stand, only rinsing with water, then using a baking soda/water rinse and an apple cider vinegar rinse.

Some people ween themselves off washing their hair with shampoo by doing things in stages.  For the first 2 – 8 weeks rinsing hair daily or every other day with a baking soda rinse and an apple cider rinse.  Then transitioning to rinsing with water as long as can been handled before incorporating another baking soda rinse/apple cider rinse cycle.

And some people kick the baking soda rinse/apple cider rinse or something all together different.  An egg wash, tea tree/lavender/rosemary rinses; citrus rinses…  Or some other recipe.

At some point your scalp is supposed to adjust (gladly) to the change and it’s condition will start improving.

I put on my brave hat and decided to give it a whirl, it is supposed to help their hairs stay in my head, keep the scalp from flaking off, and make my hair pretty (ie shiny and with some volume)…  I am glad to report I have made it a week on the baking soda/apple cider rinses and there has only been 1 day where I just looked dirty.  My hair doesn’t seem to be falling out at the same rapid pace, but the scalp is still not super excited about the change but it is no worse than when I was poo-ing everyday.

I am seriously considering trying one of the alternative wash/rinse recipes… if only I could find a few good ones to try.

I tracked down some information on No Poo Livejournal, Not So Random Stuff, and Nature Moms.  That you might find helpful…

Tell me hive, would you consider going poo-less?  Have you gone poo-less?  Do you have a super fantastic method or recipe?  Any suggestions/ideas?


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