Hair Revisited


Hello Hive!  Remember how we talked about the Hairy Situations?  Well, I owe you a follow up!

At 1.5 weeks I lost all hope that using only baking soda and vinegar was really going to help my hairs.  So I tweaked the program.  Every other day I am using Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One on my scalp only and conditioning the whole head.

Example of hair on a wash day

On the other days I am using an apple cider vinegar rinse with 5 drops each of tea tree and rosemary oil for the scalp.

Hair on a Vinegar Rinse Day, hard to tell since I ponied up for work (*the pony looks less limp than it has in years... sad but true)

All images are personal

So far my hair is infinitely less greasy, it has more body, and is a bit easier to work with.  Sadly, my scalp hasn’t gotten happy just yet, so I am working on that.  I have been using this method with some pretty sweaty workouts and so far I haven’t had any grease ball days.

I am still working on perfecting the method so I will be stretching the soap days to once every 3 days and trying to find more solutions for the scalp.

Are you trying out new grooming techniques before the wedding?  Are you perfecting your self portraits like me?


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