Mixed Blessings


Exactly 1 week after I learned that I would be Miss Scone, I lost my job.  It wasn’t necessarily a pretty losing of the job, and Sweetie Scone and I were not excited for what it would mean financially… But some of the best changes have come out of it.

When I told Sweetie Scone that I lost my job she was 100% supportive and encouraged me to really think about my career path, what would make me happy, and what made sense.  I.have.never.felt.so.loved.in.my.life.  I have been working so long the AARP and Social Security think I am nearing retirement… For me working is tied very closely to my personal happiness, the few weeks in my life I have spent not working, I have generally been a hot mess.  Sweetie Scone’s support and encouragement put everything in a different light.

My job loss ended up being the biggest blessing, as a couple we have reconnected, I was able to refocus my career path, and find happiness.  One of my new favorite memories… my mom was in town when everything went down with the old job, she got a little bleary eyed when she heard Sweetie Scone’s reaction.  My response was “that is exactly why I am marrying her”.  My mom could not have been happier, which is funny considering how nerve wracking unemployment is.

When we got engaged we didn’t think that the traditional line “for richer or poorer” would come into play before the nuptials, ironically I am pretty happy they did… If I (or my parents) ever had a doubt  that we would be able to make it when times were tough those concerns have been fully put to rest.  We are a team and we have been able to support each other when the outlook was a little scary.

Did you hit any unexpected bumps in the road that helped you re-prioritize and reconnect?


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