The first summer tri-fecta: Movin’ in May


Hi Hive!!!!!!  It has been way to long, May seemed to eat me alive and it is just now spitting me out!  I apologize for being MIA!

May was all about movin’, thankfully not the kind that requires boxes!  The month started off with serious motion, my first half marathon.  Now let me prepare you, I was undertrained, unprepared, but still committed to finishing the race.  With my trusty, awesomesauce friend to prod me along we started off like this:

Awesome friend A, my partner in crime for this race!

Before the Half, Friend A and me ready to hit the pavement!

A view of all the runners ahead of us

The first 4 miles were pretty great, our time was looking good and then my body started acting the fool because it wasn’t 100% ready to rock and roll so the last 9 miles were not so great… But I did it!  I finished my first half marathon before the wedding!  I am even more committed to actually rocking a half marathon out with gusto (and I kind of owe a solid race to my friend that stuck by my side).

Finishing it up

(All Images are Personal)

Some of you may remember that I am working on my fitness (in the procrastination station kind of way).  This race pushed me to get my fanny in gear, it also illuminated the main muscle groups that need some lovin’ at the gym (calves, abs, thighs for me).

If completing a major race sounds like a fantastic idea before your wedding here are my recommendations:

  • Commit to some serious training time – not just running, make sure to include weight training too!  Find your weaker areas and strengthen them, it will help you feel like a human later (I promise… laughing made me cringe for a couple of days after the race)
  • Don’t let the idea of running X miles scare you, even if you aren’t as well trained as you want to be.  It is about putting one foot in front of the other.  (seriously, I wish I had gotten over this before training, would have been sooooo helpful)
  • When you finish the race and the first person you see is an ex from long long ago, do not I repeat do not use expletives (I didn’t curse at her, but I sure did say “how the bleeeep are you?”, in front of a small child – blushing)… taxing your body has a way of removing your filters, remember my fantastic example.  You are welcome for the heads up.
  • Make sure you are fueled up, but eat a breakfast that is normal-ish for you.  I did not follow this advice, I ate solid protein and carbs but waaaaaaaay more than normal for me (normal for me is 200-300 calories… I had maybe 600-800), it seriously impacted my performance.
  • Be prepared to have your preconceived notion of what/who a half-marathoner is be blown out of the water if you take the plunge.  An 86 year old man celebrated his birthday on the course, a handi-capable man easily put me to shame, and there was more than 1 plus size woman busting a move.  Running does not mean that you have a perfect body, it means that you are willing to challenge your body to go the distance.
  • Don’t stop moving after your race, I signed up for a month of bootcamp directly after the race and I think it definitely helped me continue moving in the right direction.

Have some fun!  I know that this may not be the most all encompassing running advice and I absolutely am not an expert (so please refer to an expert for full on training advice), these are tidbits I snagged on my first pass at the life of a half-marathoner.  Are you going to take the plunge and complete a half marathon or a full marathon before your wedding?


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