Preparing for the Second Summer Tri-Fecta: All Dressed in White


Getting ready to wear white! That was high on the last minute preparations… sounds funny right? Part of our reunion traditions are to celebrate and honor the women’s suffrage movement, we do so by wearing white in our “Laurel Parade”. This doesn’t necessarily relate to anything wedding, except I know many people are on the hunt for white outfits for bridal showers or rehearsal so I figured I would share my whirlwind white shopping adventures.

It is hard to find a white outfit that doesn’t make me look and feel like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, if you struggle with the same affliction I hope this is helpful.

The first dress I tried was this gem from Target, I made the fatal error of not trying on the dress in the store. When I got it home and tried it on I laughed and decided to immediately return it.

Image via Target

This prompted a whirlwind 30 minute, 2 store shopping trip between Jones New York and Ann Taylor Loft. Upon entering both stores I literally picked up every white dress/pants/skirts/blouses that were even remotely interesting (i.e. not a white trash bag), in multiple sizes. I proceeded directly to the dressing room. Here are the results from Jones New York:

White Dress 1

White Dress 2

They were definitely better than the dress from Target, but I was having a really hard time dropping $75-$100 on a dress I might wear once that I wasn’t totally in love with… so I headed to Ann Taylor Loft Outlet to try my luck there.

When I walked into Ann Taylor Loft I picked up every white item of clothing they had, the sales associate got really excited when she was taking me back to a dressing room and asked “Are you getting married?”. Made me realize that this must not be too out of the ordinary…

Here are the two outfits from Ann Taylor Loft that I remembered to take pictures of:

White Dress 3

The Winning Outfit!

I ended up going with separates, I knew that I would wear the blouse again and figured there was a higher probability that I might wear the skirt again as well. Are you on the hunt for a white (non-bridal) dress/outfit? Do you find shopping for a white outfit to be a pain?


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