Dressy Details


Remember when I was talking about the hunt for a dress?  I was holding out on you…

The very first item for the wedding I purchased was this lovely from an Etsy Shop, Heart of Light

(Personal Image)

Clarity of picture does not seem to be the strong suit here… Rachel is the master mind behind Heart of Light, most of Rachel’s other designs are monochromatic, they are pretty fantastic.  We knew immediately that we wanted a colorful wedding so I messaged her to see if she might be willing to make something custom.  She was!  Rachel and I e-mailed back and forth and determined that these colors might be pretty great together…  Did I mention that the belt and the dress were purchased more than 1.5 years apart from each other?

When this detail arrived in the mail, I was definitely a fan.  When I showed this belt, on it’s own, to family there was a mixed response… Word to the wise: include details in the whole picture, don’t make the detail the whole picture (does that make any sense?).  After the first few responses I stopped showing it to people and hid it away until I could show them a little something more ;).  There is a small caveat, it appears that Rachel has not reopened her shop after her wedding last summer (2011)…

That cream colored dress behind the belt just happens TO.BE.THE.DRESS.I.WILL.GET.MARRIED.IN (she squeals)…  I will tell you all about that beauty after the wedding… Until then I will tell you that every person that has seen the whole picture of me in the dress with the belt has loved it.  Not everyone can visualize, and maybe I was given some lip service (but I am thinking they were genuine).  Now, I have not been going around showing this picture willy nilly to people.  My parents have seen me dressed up, I have shown the image to people who cannot make it to the wedding (but I love dearly), and a couple of our vendors (including the florist because she has a hand in my overall “look”)…

Sweetie Scone has not seen the dress (but she has seen the belt ;).

What was your first wedding purchase?  Did you go out on a limb?  Are you keeping your attire a secret?


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