If you haven’t picked up on my lurrrrve for Pinterest, I will just say that it may be a little problematic… Unless you find fantastic nail inspiration on there…

Image courtesy of Make Up Alley

This picture immediately made me think of that fantastic little belt I was sooooo lucky to have made for me… I decided if the nail salon was willing to do it that I.MUST.HAVE.THOSE NAILS for my wedding!

Yesterday I headed into the nail salon for my wedding nails and I am still freaking enamored with them…. And I am not normally a nail person…

Would you like to see my nails?

(personal image)

(personal image)

(personal image)

And so with nails done, family arriving into town and only 1 project remaining we are OFFICIALLY HEADING INTO OUR WEDDING WEEKEND!!!!!!!

Would you consider trying something new with your nails for the wedding?  Was there one thing that made you realize you were in the FINAL countdown?


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