On the other side


Hello Hive!!!!

Last Sunday when it was hotter than “he double hockey sticks”, Sweetie Scone and I walked the walk and talked the talk.  After 3 years of unengagement, 2.5 years of official engagement, 1785 miles in each direction, many tears and much laughter (they happen at the same time for me no matter how hard I try), we were surrounded by our closest friends and family as we said our vows.


Just before I walked down the aisle, image courtesy of Sister Scone (aka seeeeester)


AC + “I DO” = Smiles this big!  Image courtesy of college roomie!

I cannot thank the HIVE enough for all of your support, suggestions and stories.  I have gained so much inspiration, courage, and calm from everyone!  To Sweetie Scone, the last two weeks were awesome but I am SOOOOO FREAKING EXCITED for our future together!  To our friends and family, thank you for all of the love, support, and sweat that poured out for us (because ummmm it certainly wasn’t Northern California weather ;)!

And now on to document projects, adventures, and the week leading into all of the hoopla!


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