Good to the Last Crumb: Highlights and Matters of Marriage


Hellooooo Hive!  There are so many things I need to update you on and so much territory to cover before Recaps OFFICIALLY kick off, but we have this really wonderful video that our AMAZEBALLS videographer put together for us and I can’t hold out any longer…

Be forewarned, this is not your typical wedding video and it is not safe for work if you are prone to tears (you may or may not get to see my ugly cry)…the password is wedding

Video courtesy of Alea Lovely and reposted with permission

Marriage matters immensely to us, and we were beyond blessed to have Alea Lovely in our corner to capture memories, feelings, and perspective.  When Alea approached us about going with a different format we knew it would be good, but we couldn’t comprehend that we would love it so very much.

On top of this wonderful video we have all of the raw footage so I will be playing with it over the next couple of months and you will get to see different variations here and there…

Do you have a videographer capturing your love and emotions?


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