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Good to the Last Crumb: Reintroductions are in order…


Oh Hive, it has been too long!  Let’s get to know each other again eh?


Hi Again! Image courtesy of BlueRue Studios

I was introduced as Miss Scone back in January 2012, I kind of like to bake so I was a wee bit excited to share my favorite recipe with you.  Sweetie Scone and I met online and somehow she mysteriously broke down the walls I had so meticulously maintained.  AND then she asked me to marry her while we were hiking but we weren’t quite ready to make it official because we hadn’t reached our goals and, you know, picked out our rings.

Research is my friend, no seriously it is fun for me… so anything that required a signature was evaluated on a pretty specific scale that included a lot of measurables.

Throughout my life I have learned that I may or may not have an issue with taking on major projects simultaneously so I shared a few tidbits here and there, getting married absolutely did not limit this problem to one portion of my life instead I embraced it with open arms… Completing a half marathon, planning my 10 year college reunion, getting married, and then if that wasn’t enough for a 2 month time frame we decided to add in moving cross country.

There is also the whole gay (lesbian if you must be technical) thing, trying to hash out where we could legally get married, if it was worth it to legally get married, reaching out to vendors, balancing how people perceived our relationship, I might have even enthusiastically shared our amazing video (the password is wedding).

Things weren’t all sunshine and rainbows, I lost my job, dealt with really sexy things like dandruff, feeling a bit down on my body, and being disappointed by vendors…

Before we get back to recaps I still need to talk a bit more about details, the dress, calligraphy, party people, weather, travel, the week before, last minute adventures, AND some serious changes in law before we return to your recap programming…

PS – I missed you so much and there is so much to catch up on!!!!  If you feel the urge to check out more detailed inspiration and vendor selection posts there are a few of those from my early blogging days so check them out and let me know what you think 😉