We are passing major milestones all the time it seems… We adopted a dog, I finished a masters degree, nailed down a new job, we bought a house and are planning our super convivial wedding.  It is hard to believe how fast life is moving but we are loving every minute!

My girlfriend and I are planning a super convivial family affair bringing tradition, reality, and family together under a new branch of the tree.

  • Tradition: we are committing to each other through a wedding ceremony joining ourselves and our families together through our marriage.
  • Reality: We are two women in love… legally speaking our union is not legal in 44 states including the state we live in and the state we are getting married in.  Hopefully a small bit of reality changes at some point in the future.
  • Family: Yup, we still have them, love them and they love us.

Blogging about life on the cusp moving towards a convivial kick-off to our union!


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